Providing Families With Stable Homes


Mission: A progressive approach that is personalized to ensure that every family is safe, healthy, and connected by inspiring stable housing, financial independence, and resilience.


Our Model

Taking Root serves families in both Ada County and Region III. To be eligible, a “family” is a household with at least one child under age 18 or an adult who is pregnant.


Stable Housing

Getting families into a home rapidly provides the best chance to build a stable and sustainable life. Working with local property managers and landlords, we help families address their housing barriers to obtain permanent, stable housing. There is no such thing as a temporary solution; therefore the family signs a lease in their name. We assist with application fees, security deposit, and ongoing rent and utility allowance. We offer as much rental assistance as is needed to stabilize each family; for some families that’s two months and for others it’s six.

How We Achieve Housing Stability


Each family is paired with a case manager to work toward long-term stability and success. We believe in strengthening families. We co-create a Housing Stability Plan that improves the health, income, wellness, and resilience of the entire household. It’s a sincere opportunity to build a sustainable life and we commit to walking by each participants’ side.