What does it take to end homelessness? Every single one of us rowing in the same direction! You are an important piece of the puzzle in the Treasure Valley and the most impactful first step you can take is learning more about homelessness so that we know which is the right direction in which to row! By providing this (non-exhaustive) hub of resources, we hope to:


  1. Raise awareness about the state of homelessness in our area.
  2. Promote empathy and reduce stigma surrounding homelessness.
  3. Empower individuals and communities to take action.
  4. Engage various stakeholders in addressing homelessness.
  5. Advocate for policy changes and increased resources.

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Join our movement to end homelessness by becoming a monthly donor! Your donation will help us end homelessness in the Treasure Valley by providing stable housing, holistic support services, and cycle-breaking interventions.