Daniel and Roscio, along with their teenage daughter, were housed through CATCH after living in a shelter for just over half of a year. Like many Boiseans, Daniel and his family became homeless once they were no longer able to afford their accommodation. The family had been living with Daniel’s adult daughter, but the strain of losing his daughter and her partner meant that they couldn’t afford their place on their own. After calling around, they found themselves staying with the Salvation Army. 


Daniel was committed to finding a stable home for his family, and spent hours on the phone calling local resources. When he connected with CATCH for his initial interview he was happy to see a familiar face, the Canyon County CATCH director who recognized him and his family. The Mascarros were quickly paired with a CATCH caseworker, Courtney. 


“You could feel that welcome when you walk into CATCH, you can feel a relief,” Daniel remarks. “It’s so honest, they’re just focused, and when they’re focused on one client, they do their job, they don’t mess around, they don’t waste time, they communicate.”


After their initial meeting, the Mascarros were shown a place in less than three weeks. A success-stories which Daniel attributes to the compassionate and professional personnel like Courtney and Raime who worked with his family. 


“I know for a fact that the people that came to my rescue, like Ms. Courtney, Ms. Raime, they’re so wonderful, they’re so respectful, they’re so professional, and they’re so honest. They just make you feel really comfortable. They make you feel like they’ve known you for years, like we’re family.” Daniel says. “They were right beside us on our journey, they said ‘don’t worry, we’re going to be here until the end, we’re going to walk you through, we’re going to be beside you,’ and you know what? They kept their promise.”


Daniel and Roscio reflect on the moment they stepped over the threshold into their new home, remembering the tears of joy that came with their own space and privacy. 


“I just got on my knees and started crying. My daughter went to her room, and she started crying. My wife started crying. We just hugged each other, and we thanked the landlord,” Daniel remembers. 


In regard to their daughter, twelve-years-old at the time of their move-in, Roscio adds, “It was so funny, the first thing she did, she came straight to her room and she’s like, ‘I have my own room now! I don’t have to share with you two old people anymore,” Roscio giggles as she remembers.   


“I am always going to be grateful, I am always going to thank the community, your staff, because putting a smile on my daughter is the best thing I’ve seen.” Daniel says. 


The Mascarros have found community through their time with CATCH. They remark that they have started attending a local church where they feel very welcomed and supported by the congregation, and that having stable housing has allowed them to find their way back to themselves through their communities. 


“We started finding these communities, and we’ve been changing our lives for the better.” Roscio shares. “We’ve been blessed with everything. With you guys, with CATCH, not only do you guys help us with our home, but if we have a question you guys give us information about other places that can help us.” 


The Mascarros are planning to move to Payette in early September. Their case worker Raime has been alongside them every step of the way, even acting as an intermediary in their conversations with Southern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority (SICHA).


In their new home, they are looking forward to expanding their communities, building their home, and dreaming up their future together. Daniel is a trained chef and hopes to one day open a kitchen of his own. But for now, he is happily cooking his family’s favorites: chicken alfredo pasta and garlic bread in the warmth of his own home.

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