Cassidy experienced homelessness for 10 months.


She lived in her car and is a mother of two.


Cassidy spent 10 months living out of her car. She says it was nothing but stress and exhaustion.


Cassidy says she was in a bad relationship and lost her job. A month later, she was kicked out of her rental in Boise with no family nearby as a safety net.


“Normally I would just lock myself in a bathroom and I would do a birdbath. I became very familiar with dry shampoo,” Cassidy said. “And there is also a building that I would go behind super late at night. I would sneak back there cause they had a hose. And I would use that hose to wash my hair.”


Cassidy’s situation got so bad her son had to move back to Texas to live with family. Cassidy said it was the hardest decision of her life.

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