CATCH has housed more than 215 local households experiencing homelessness this year, including 150 children.


“We’ve had a record breaking year of helping local families and individuals out of homelessness,” said CATCH Executive Director Stephanie Day. “We are so grateful to those who have partnered with us to address the growing need and help as many people experiencing homelessness in our community as possible.”


According to CATCH, the Treasure Valley has experienced a steady increase of people experiencing homelessness since the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 1,700 households living in emergency shelters or places not meant for human habitation. The local nonprofit has scaled their programs and staff to address the growing need.


“CATCH is laser focused on our mission of ending homelessness,” said Day. “We deeply care about meaningful long-term outcomes from our programs and are constantly trying to figure out how to implement best practices in a relevant way to meet our clients where they are.”


CATCH says families graduate their program within 12 months on average, taking on the full cost of living, and that more than 80% of families remain stably housed a year later.


Day said multiple factors have led to CATCH’s success, including a slightly better housing market and increased funding from the local and federal government to address homelessness. 


On average, it costs $12,000 for CATCH to end homelessness for a Treasure Valley family. The price includes a security and damage deposit to the landlord or property management partner, first month’s rent and utilities, and rental assistance based on the family’s income.


“Homelessness is solvable and we know what it takes,” said Day. “Join us in ensuring every Treasure Valley child, parent, and person has a safe place to live.”

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